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March 5, 2006

I found Magnoto while checking Blinklist today. The concept is based on refrigerator magnets and it works surprisingly well. I have never heard of it and it is in beta so I am assuming that it is a fresh product. Basically it is a hosted blog that can handle text posts, video, photos and audio. This is all accomplished via email or mms. Once the text or media reaches Magnoto, it is placed in boxes that simulate notes on a refrigerator door(think Protopage without the rss feeds and weather). They can be moved around and customized to your liking. There are numerous designs for the backgrounds and individual notes. The thing that I like about it is it can easily hold text, photos and video without plugins or third party apps.
Go give it a spin.

March 5, 2006 is a javascript dictionary that gives you results as you type. It works very well and provides multiple definitions to typed in words fast. It would be nice if it offered suggestions as you typed in case you were misspelling a word. The interface is Google-istic and clean. Typing “about us” in the box brings up the contact info and a little blurb about the project. It seems the goal of the site is to become the most used online dictionary. It looks like they have started off on the write foot with their fancy instant definitions and clean simple interface.

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February 8, 2006

easyGestures Logo

Add easyGestures to the list of useful Firefox extensions. This add-on is so customizable that it is overwhelming at first. There are two modes, novice and advanced, depending on how familiar you are with the pie shaped menu that pops up after activating the pie menu through a customized mouse click. After the simple installation process and restart I was up and going. After you middle click the mouse, a menu pops up that allows you to bookmark the page, move through the open tabs, or move forward and back in the current tab. You can customize all the selections and there are a ton. I chose to stick with the defaults for now as I get used to the layout. Opacity of the pop up pie menu can be set as well as the tooltips and icon size. Once you become accustomed to the format you can change to gesture mode instead of menu mode which will make browsing even faster. I look forward to using gestures and think it is a great extension.


January 13, 2006

Well, looks like I have another extension to add to the favorites list. Just received my invite to Hyperwords today and have to say after a few test runs, I’m impressed. Installation was a breeze and after restarting Firefox, I was highlighting and searching any word on the page. This is what happens after installation. You highlight any word on the page and a context menu pops up with seven options. They are search, reference, shop, email, map, copy, and tags. The only one I am having a hard time figuring out is tags because no sub-menu pops up. The others are self-explanatory. This extension really shortens the amount of copying and pasting you have to do. No more copying of addresses for maps or zip codes for weather. You can easily look up what blogs have to say about your highlighted item through Tecnorati, IceRocket, or Clusty. Included in the reference menu is Wikipedia, CIA Factbook, IMDb, and share price. Check out their site for more info, but this is going to be a must have extension.

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Kayak Travel Search

January 12, 2006
Man, I love Performancing. Anyway, Kayak is a search site that has grown a ton over the last year and has added some great features. Like other travel search sites, you enter the standard place and date. It also allows you to narrow down the search by price, time, and airline. A new feature that I just noticed is the Buzz link. It is a mashup of Kayak travel searches and Google Maps. You enter the origin airport and select the region you want to go and Kayak will show you the best fares from the last day or two.

Sidestep Travel Search

January 12, 2006

Just found this site for travel. Not only does it breakdown the flights by price, but also by outbound and return departure times, stops, and airline. Very cool.

My Favorite Extensions for Firefox

December 27, 2005

I love using Firefox and often get asked by friends and family why they should use it.  The main reasons I use are security, tabbed browsing, and extensions(which I refer to as add-ons for simplicity).  These are in no particular order.  More extensions can be found here.

1. Performancing w/ Spellbound Dev extension – Great for bloggers and very easy to use
2. Scrapbook – Allows you to save screen shots of web pages as images
3. Blinklist Toolbar – Blinklist is a social bookmarking site
4. SessionSaver .2 – Restores last browsing session
5. Gmail Delete Button – Adds an easier way to delete mail in Gmail
6. Scrollbar Anywhere – Allows you to scroll webpage by holding down right mouse button
7. Clipmarks – Adds a “clip it” button to toolbar. Great for saving only pieces of webpages
8. Download Statusbar – Get info on your downloads in the bottom statusbar of Firefox
9. Tabbrowser Preferences – Adds several enhancments to tabbed browsing in Firefox
10. PDF Download – Pop up gives you options on where to open PDF files
11. Image Zoom – Zoom any image on a web page
12. MeasureIt – Great for web page designers. Measure what you want on the screen in pixels
13. Reload Every – As simple as it sounds. This extension reloads a page every so many seconds or minutes

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Unofficial Google Modules

December 21, 2005

A short while back, Google released its personal homepage API.  They also added a page of widgets.  It is sparse as of this writing and contains 5 widgets total.  Well, while visiting Blinklist today, I found a site called Google Modules.  Google Modules aggregates all kinds of modules to be used on the Google personal homepage. They even have a feed that lists the latest modules.  Looks like a great setup and will make a lot of Google fans very happy. 

Performancing for Firefox

December 20, 2005

Wow! The guys at Performancing have come up with a great blogging tool.  It is a Firefox extension and is excellent in both function and simplicity.  The split screen entry is an awesome feature and I had no problems setting up my wordpress account on it.  Included in this release is drag and drop functionality which, according to some comments left on the blog, works for tables as well.  I do believe that this extension will make blogging a little easier and more convenient for me.

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Gmail Inbox Web-clips

December 17, 2005

About a week ago Google released web-clips for Gmail.  I think it is a nice little feature, but was not meant to replace you standard feed reader.  What I got from the official blog is that web-clips was meant to add a little extra info to your inbox.  I have to agree with the critics that I have seen a few advertisements run across the top of my inbox and that is a little disappointing.  More than likely if you don’t have any mail then you are not viewing ads and this was a way around that.  At least they concealed it while adding something a little useful to the service.  Some of the things I was reading about web-clips sounded like it was the end of the world.  I guess they hadn’t realized that the web-clip bar can be easily turned off from a tab on the settings page.


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